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Paddle Boarding Adventures in South Florida Paradise


‘Sup? SUP, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, is what’s up in South Florida, and its up in a big way. Get in on the fun and join the fastest growing water sport in the area. Outdoor sunshine, exercise and awesome sights are in store.

If you’re not familiar with paddle boarding, it’s a simple concept that combines surfing (it’s similar to a surf board) with kayaking (a paddle). You can cruise the calm South Florida waters for a fun-filled, eye-popping excursion. Paddle boarding opens up a new and exciting world as you explore some of the most spectacular sites South Florida has to offer.

There are hundreds of waterway miles to satisfy your sense of adventure. The mangrove forest is one of the more popular spots. Much of the area is a protected ecosystem, so it’s teeming with sea life. Gracefully gliding stingrays are regularly sited. Crab, sea stars and sea cucumbers abound. Great white heron and green heron can be observed on their fishing expeditions. The occasional Manatee can be spotted. Or, you can mingle with sea turtles and an abundant number of saltwater fish as your paddle board meanders along the South Florida coast. This route also gives you the opportunity to take in the beach scenery filled with bikinis and six-pack abs during the warm winter months. You’re guaranteed to get an eyeful.

Winter couldn’t be a better time for paddle boarding in the local climes. While we boast the warmest winter temperatures in the country, it’s not too hot, too sticky or too buggy to enjoy.

New to paddle boarding? No worries. All it takes is a board and a paddle. You can get outfitted with local rentals and trained by certified trainers. You’ll be expert South Florida paddle boarder in no time, ready to navigate the South Florida winter wonderland on a paddle board.

You won’t have to look far to find gear, tours and services. Rates are low. Paddle boards are probably your least expensive rental option for water sports. Try these local Boca Raton area paddle board shops for starters:

  • Spanish River Paddle Company
  • Boca Surf and Sail
  • SUP Englewood
  • Easton Water Sports

Mastering paddle boarding is simple, and it doesn’t require the physical conditioning of a pro athlete. Cruising along the water is easy and effortless, but does provide a full-body work out at the same time.

Experienced guides who know the best spots for paddle boarding serve as your personal Sherpa to take you on a fantastic journey. They’ll share their passion and enthusiasm for the unsurpassed Florida nature explorations and lead you on a must-see South Florida paddle board safari.

Whether you’re a local looking for a new and exciting experience or vacationing to take a break from cold weather and snow, winter Florida paddle boarding is the easy, fun and inexpensive way to go.

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